What is Gamification?

The three main principles used in gamification is Fun, competition and achievements.

examples of gamification

student of the month trophy’s

end of year certificates

Inner class competitions

Reflecting on my own gamification experience

During my primary school years I can apply gamification to many scenarios, whilst being a young student everything in education was literally a competition. Many positive incentives as well as negative incentives, attending school everyday was a accomplish in itself for me .This was due to receiving the 100% attendance certificate this motivated me more to ensure I was attending school everyday just so I could receive the certificate.

Uses of GamificationĀ 

There are many uses of gamification in education, teachers can become imaginative in the way they would like to use this particular technique. For example a point system can be set up in the class to ensure competition with other students,each test would feel rewarding to students and they would learn the rewards of doing well. This would ensure students to try their utmost best when it comes to any sort of tests (Hollaway 2018).

Another way gamification can be used for teachers is to gamify any homework this encourages learning outside the classroom. However there are some drawbacks of using gamification in this particular way,some may argue that relying on games can be detrimental. Receiving a merit for something they have done well is meaningless without understanding the skills they have gained,games cant replace any pedagogy but can be used to enhance overall learning experience.

How gamification can be effective at various levels in education

Gamification can become effective from both primary to higher education. The creation of competition between students is a theme that can be seen throughout the years. This can be related to myself !

From primary years if gamification is instilled from a young age, children will always consider themselves to be in competition with others. This will ensure that they are working the best that they can in order to achieve high in their attainment. Till secondary school gamification will still be instilled in individuals as it has been from a young age, this would mean rivalry between students in terms of their education .This will only help individuals to try their best in all aspects of their education in terms of assignment’s and exams.




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Hollaway,S.(2018) Gamification in Education: 4 ways to bring games to your classroom (Online) Available at: [Accessed 12 March 2019}


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